Business websites that get found on Google

After all, even if your business’s website is fantastic if no-one visits it it’s useless…

At Leicestershire Web Design we take the time to understand what your business’s website must do to improve your business. We conduct a Competitor Analysis Report that looks at what your competition is doing web-wise and lets you know their strengths and possible weaknesses.

You know your business better than anyone else and with the information from the report we can work together to produce a measurable improvement.

We look at many aspects of your business’s website such as:


Speed: no-one likes a slow website – we can speed up websites by measurable amounts.

SERP: Search Engine Result Pages – are you on page one for the searches that will bring custom? We can improve your Google ranking.

Keyword analysis: What are the searches that your prospective clients are using?

Mobile: Over half of Google searches are now from mobile devices. Is your business’s website mobile friendly? Should you consider a ‘Mobile First’ business website?


These are just some of the considerations that we use in order to raise your digital game. Get in touch and let us tell you what we can do for your business.